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Complete Range of Products and Services that we offer for your Business

Software Development

ISoft Solutions works with our customers to create new, customized applications and provide maintenance and support services at all stages of software development. We use innovative delivery models and proven, quality processes to deliver cost-effective solutions. Our application development and project handling framework has proven its record in reducing costs for our clients' productivity improvements every year.

 We plan thoroughly and that has always earned accolades from all our customers for timely completion of projects and within the budgets. Additionally, we have vast expertise in the design and development of web-enabled or client-server architecture with number of tiers that you desire, across various environments. Industry verticals that we cater are banking, financial services, utility, telecom, retail, government etc.

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Software Migration and Conversion

ISoft has extensive experience in replacing legacy systems, by software and data migration, conversion and integration. This includes converting existing applications to work in a new environment, and usually involves replacing the application source code and migration of the existing application data. The legacy application source code and data needs to be moved to new hardware and software platform, with minimal changes to the application functionality.  We have a proven track record in the conversion and upgradation of legacy systems and successfully implemented complex migration projects.  

Our Methodology: 

  • Perform detailed impact analysis of migration Assess on

      customer's business.

  • Study and analyze the migration options.

  • Create a project plan for the migration project.

  • Design, develop and deliver the migration project.

  • Test all the features of migrated applications.


ISoft works very closely with its customers to design a complete solution using the latest technologies in Java/.NET frameworks and mobile application development. We at ISoft recognize the importance of technology and use the latest database management techniques, structured back-ends and easy to use customer interfaces with latest UI technologies like AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Node Js, HTML5, Javascript etc.  

We make use of latest Microsoft Technologies and Java platforms to build efficient applications to our clients. We specialize in offering customized solutions to our clients that suit their business needs best. We have vast experience in building complex applications in Microsoft .NET platform and Java technologies that include and not limited to Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSF, Vaadin, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes etc.  

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BIG DATA and hadoop

ISoft understands exactly how technology helps businesses meet their needs.  With its vast experience in Big Data and Hadoop technologies, we help companies develop and deploy complex IT solutions in Hadoop eco system.

The amount of data produced is rapidly growing each year with the advent of new technologies, devices and communication means like social networking sites. This huge amount of data is meaningless if it cannot be collected, processed and
analyzed.  Big Data is the realization of greater business intelligence by storing, processing, and analyzing data that was previously ignored due to the limitations of traditional data management technologies.  Hadoop is the main podium for organizing Big Data by making it convenient for analytics determinations. It is considered to scale up from a single server
to thousands of technologies, with a very high degree of fault tolerance.

Some of the best known examples of Hadoop ecosystem include Spark, Hive, HBase, YARN, MapReduce, Oozie, Sqoop, Pig, Zookeeper, HDFS, Impala, Avro, Ambari, Avro etc.  Various Hadoop distributions available include Hortonworks, Cloudera, Microsoft Azure, IBM etc.

Top Data ingestion tools used are Apache Kafka, Nifi, Wavefront, DataTorrent, Apache Storm, Apache Flume, Apache Sqoop, Apache Samza, Amazon Kinesis, Syncsort, Gobblin, Cloudera Morphlines, White Elephant, Streamsets, Informatica Big Data Management, Heka etc.


ISoft has extensive experience in delivering comprehensive Data Warehouse solutions.  We have a strong Business Intelligence and Data Visualization knowledge base and experience in data warehousing projects. 

Our services include:

  • End to end design and development

  • Analysis of functional needs

  • Data mart and data warehouse

  • ETL architecture and development

  • Business Intelligence, data mining and OLAP solutions

  • Business Intelligence

  • Reports Development, Creation of dashboards, Data Visualization tools etc

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Enterprise Resource & Planning (ERP)

ISoft brings forth extensive skills in process redesign, change management and implementation of enterprise application software from SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Business Solutions etc


Using ERP’s proven methodology, our team will guide the organizations through the full project life cycle starting from architecting the solution to supporting the applications after the implementation. We provide support for a new ERP implementation or work with the companies in enhancing their existing ERP application through the mplementation of new modules that enhance the business.

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