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Successful Work Team

About iSoft Solutions

Why choose our services

ISoft Solutions has over 2 decades of experience in delivering complex IT projects.  Our resources are experts in latest technologies. By using our services, you can save money, receive on-time delivery of projects, save valuable resources and get more productivity. We offer superior technical expertise, highly experienced professionals.

Our Process

We have successfully adopted a 5-D approach in all our projects to ensure that the needs and demands of our customers are transformed smoothly into ideal and reliable solutions.

The 5-D process flow:​

  1. Define: define clearly the needs and expectations of the customer

  2. Deduce: deduce the functional requirements and specifications

  3. Design: design a system to meet customer specifications

  4. Develop and diagnose: develop a system and ensure that all the design features are fulfilled

  5. Deliver and deploy: deliver the system and ensure a satisfied customer.

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