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FronT end Development

Office of a web design company


For dynamic web app development,

  • Quick delivery and prototyping of dashboard style thus enabling the creation of dynamic single-page apps.

  • Swifter and simpler development compared to React, Backbone, and Knockout.

  • Requires minimal coding

  • Smooth testing

  • Perfect for applications with interactive client-side coding


fast and lightweight, though it takes a longer development time and greater understanding of its inner workings.

  • deserves a lot of credit in bringing MV* to mainstream client-side JavaScript development.

  • it gives you space for making your own development and architecture decisions.

  • is simple and flexible and requires only a few minutes to get started, even when using higher level additional libraries like MarionetteJS or Chaplin

  • tons of plug-ins and extensions

  • its simple yet powerful inheritance model, based on the useful extend method.

Code on a laptop computer
Multiple devices on a table


can build hybrid applications (apps that work in both web and mobile) without needing to write native code.

  • Designing android apps no longer a headache

  • Plugins are great… Mostly.

  • Build management

  • very quick to prototype

  • Lots of library options for pretty much everything you could possibly want


The Ionic framework allows for the creation of highly interactive, cross-platform mobile applications that can be deployed across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  • Develop an app once, and deploy across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  • The use of AngularJS creates a powerful SDK, for building rich and robust applications.

  • Framework’s focus on HTML, CSS, and JS enables quick development, low costs, and minimal maintenance.

Zooming in on a tablet
touchscreen computer


ReactJS and React Native are the new technologies for web and mobile development to simplify the development process and foster a more comfortable user experience

  • Makes user experience better and developer’s work faster

  • permits reusing code components – significantly saving time

  • One-direction data flow in ReactJS provides a stable code

  • An open-source library: constantly developing and open to contributions

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